Italian Slang Dictionary Adult 'A' Words

Italian Slang Dictionary Adult 'A' Words

In every language, native speakers know more than newbies will ever learn in from textbooks, dictionaries, or from respectable tour guides. Often referred to as the language of love, Italian is no exception.

Obviously, there are many ways to talk about seduction, flirtation, a little naughtiness, and sometimes get downright raunchy in Italian. These Italian slang words and phrases are not found in standard texts, but most native speakers know them well (whether they'll admit it or not is another question entirely).

Most likely, however, you don't want to begin your Italian lessons with these words; you're better off first learning some basic survival phrases if Italian isn't your native tongue. Greetings are another list of must-learn words and phrases, particularly if you want to make friends while traveling in Italy. If you want to partake in all the culinary delights Italy has to offer, learn a few phrases related to dining out and food.

And of course, before you unleash the naughty words below on your new Italian friends, you'll want to at least get to know one another with some basic introductions

If you're pressed for time, focus on the fundamentals. Study the Italian ABC's and Italian numbers, learn how to pronounce Italian words and ask questions in Italian, and brush up on the euro.

Adult Italian Phrases

Now that you're ready with some fundamentals, you can spice up your language skills with this uncensored guide to Italian colloquial expressions, shocking idioms, hard-core curses, scatological words for body functions and parts, expletives, off-color phrases, and euphemisms. Because of the very nature of slang, this feature necessarily contains expressions that some readers might find offensive. Here's the list of words beginning with the letter 'A.'

allupato adj. (familiar) hungry for sex, especially after a long period of celibacy.
ammucchiata f. orgy.
arare v.t.(familiar) to possess sexually.
arrapato (familiar) horny, sexually excited.
arruso m. Palermitano (vulgar) buttocks. T'ta a facc',arruso I'll strip your face, buttocks.
assatanato m. sexually aroused, excited.
avere rapporti sessuali con (familiar) to have sex with.