Element Mnemonic Device - Periodic Table Symbols

Element Mnemonic Device - Periodic Table Symbols

A mnemonic (pronounced "ne MON ik") is one useful way to remember a list. This chemistry mnemonic is a phrase, consisting of words made using the symbols of the first nine elements in the periodic table.

Happy Henry Likes Beer But Could Not Obtain Food


  1. H - hydrogen
  2. He - helium
  3. Li - lithium
  4. Be - beryllium
  5. B - boron
  6. C - carbon
  7. N - nitrogen
  8. O - oxygen
  9. F - fluorine

More Chemistry Mnemonics for Periodic Table Element Symbols

Of course, there are many more mnemonic devices you can use to help remember the element symbols. Here are a few more. Keep in mind, you'll remember the element symbols best if you pick (or write) a mnemonic that you find funny or memorable. Some chemistry mnemonics cover the elements through neon, while several continue on to calcium.

  • Happy Harry Listens B B C Network Over France Nevertheless Nothing More Arose So Peter Stopped Cleaning Airgun K Ca.
  • Happy Henry Likes Beer But Could Not Obtain Four Nuts.
    Naughty Magpies Always Sing Perfect Songs Clawing Ants.
  • Harry Helped Little Benny Balmer Carry Neat Oranges From Neptune's Natural Menagerie Always Singing Polite Sonnets Clearly Arf Key Casually.
  • Harry Helps Little Betty Brown Crack Nuts On Friday Nights.
  • Ha. Healthy Little Beggar Boys Catching Newts Or Fish.
  • Hell, Here Little Beatniks Brandish Countless Number Of Flick kNives.
    Nagging Maggie Always Sighs, "Please Stop Clowning Around."
  • Here He Lies Beneath Bed Clothes, Nothing On, Feeling Nervous.
    Naughty Margaret Always Sighs, "Please Stop Clowning Around."
  • Hi He Lied Because Boron Could Not Oxidize Fluorine. New Nations Might Also Sign Peace Security Clause. Arthur King Can. (elements up to calcium)
  • Hi! Hey Little Ben Became Charlie's Number One Fighting Nemesis.
    Native Magpies Always Sit Peacefully Searching Clear Areas.
  • Hi! He Lies Because Boron CanNot Oxidize Fluorine. Necromantic Nato Mg (abbreviation for make good) All Silicon Ports. Superman Clean Argon's K-Capture.
  • Hi Hello Little Beryll Brown Cracking Nuts On Friday.
    Nellie's Naughty Magpie Always Sings Pop Songs Clearly
    After Killing Cathy.