EISENHOWER Surname Meaning and Origin

EISENHOWER Surname Meaning and Origin

The surname Eisenhower is a common Americanized spelling of the German occupational surname Eisenhauer meaning "iron cutter or iron worker." Eisenhauer derives from the Middle High German isen, meaning "iron" and houwære, a derivative of houwen, meaning "to cut, chop, or hew." The surname is similar in meaning to Smith, Schmidt and other surnames that mean "blacksmith."


Surname Origin: German

Where in the World is the EISENHOWER Surname Found?

According to WorldNames public profiler, the Eisenhower surname is found most prevalently in the United States, with an especially strong presence in the state of Pennsylvania. A few occurrences of the surname also appear in Canada (specifically the Peel region of southwest Ontario), Germany (Berlin and Bayern) and England (specifically Worcestershire).

The Eisenhower spelling of the surname is not very prevalent in Germany, found only in Berlin according to the surname distribution map at The German Eisenhauer spelling, however, is found in 166 localities throughout Germany, most prevalently in Bergstraße, Odenwaldkreis, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis and Aurich.

Famous People with the EISENHOWER Surname:

  • Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower - 34th President of the United States

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