Does "Il Me Semble Que" Need the Subjunctive?

Does "Il Me Semble Que" Need the Subjunctive?

The French expression Il me (te, lui… ) semble means "it seems to me (you, him… ) that," and it may require the subjunctive, depending on whether it is used affirmatively, negatively or interrogatively. When used affirmatively, il me semble que does not require the subjunctive.


  • Il me semble qu'il le fait.
    It seems to me that he does it.

But when expressing doubt or uncertainty, il me semble requires the subjunctive.


  • Il ne nous semble pas qu'il le fasse.
    It doesn't seem to us that he does it.
  • Te semble-t-il qu'il le fasse ?
    Does it seem to you that he does it?

See the il semble entry for information on using the subjunctive with the verb sembler.