What Is a Bond?

What Is a Bond?

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A bond is a fixed interest financial asset issued by governments, companies, banks, public utilities and other large entities. When a party buys a bond, it is basically lending funds to the issuer of the bond. Bonds pay the bearer a fixed periodic amount (called a coupon payment) and has a specified end date (known as the maturity date). For this reason, bonds are sometimes referred to as fixed-income securities. A discount bond (also known as a zero-coupon bond) pays the bearer only at the ending date, while a coupon bond pays the bearer a fixed amount over a specified interval (month, year, etc.) as well as paying a fixed amount at the end date.

A bond issued by a company is different from a share of stock in a company fr two reasons. First, owning a bond does not confer an ownership share in the underlying company. Second, payments are explicitly defined as opposed to taking the form of dividends issued at the discretion of company management.

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