Decorative Glow Stick Lanterns

Decorative Glow Stick Lanterns

Got a glow stick? Use it to make a bright and colorful decorative lantern to use around your home. These colorful glow in the dark lanterns can be used anywhere and made by anyone!

Lantern Materials

  • glow sticks
  • scissors
  • clear glass or plastic containers

Make Glowing Lanterns

  1. Snap a glow stick to activate it.
  2. Snip the end off of the glow stick.
  3. Shake the contents of the glow stick into a decorative container to make a glow in the dark lantern.

Tips and Safety Info

  • Be sure your containers are dry. Water interferes with the chemical reaction that makes glow sticks glow.
  • While glow sticks typically are labeled as non-toxic, they are not edible. Don't drink the liquid; do wash any glassware used in this project before using it with food.
  • Usually, you break a glass tube inside a glow stick in order to activate it. You will shake the glass out with the liquid. Be careful of the glass so that you don't accidentally cut yourself.
  • This can be a messy project! It's a good idea to shake out the glow stick liquid over some newspapers or a kitchen counter. The glow stick liquid can stain carpets, clothing, etc.