Schools for Students With Different Learning Styles

Schools for Students With Different Learning Styles

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Schools have become much savvier when it comes to educating students with a wide range of different learning styles. As experts come to know more about different learning styles and learning disabilities, they are better able to meet students' needs and help them excel in the classroom. Not too long ago, experts focused only on children diagnosed with specific learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, central auditory processing disorder, dysgraphia and dyscalculia, and other learning disabilities. But as we better understand these issues, we have also been able to offer skilled instruction that goes beyond just documented disabilities by focusing on different learning styles.

For students who do have diagnosed learning disabilities, however, they tend to thrive in schools staffed by teachers trained to remediate those learning disabilities. Which school is right for your child? Find out by visiting the schools and talking to the admissions staff. Observe a class and talk to specialists. If you're working with one, ask your educational consultant for advice. That way you will be able to identify the school which will be the best fit for your child.

The following schools have the programs and trained staff to serve your child's needs.

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Ann Arbor Academy, Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor Academy is the result of determination and much hard work by two inspired and capable educators. Their dream has created a school which serves students diagnosed with learning disabilities as well as children who simply want a wonderful school to attend.

The Arrowsmith School, Toronto, Ontario

The Arrowsmith School uses a proprietary neuro-scientific program for remediation of learning disabilities. The goal of the school is to be able to return students to a main-stream public or private institution after several years of closely supervised instruction. Arrowsmith's methodology is worth a closer look.

Brehm Preparatory School, Carbondale, IL

One of the things a parent worries about when sending a child off to boarding school is the quality of supervision. After all, the school functions in loco parentis. That is one of the things you don't need to worry about at Brehm Preparatory School. It may be a boarding school, but it prides itself on creating a nurturing, supportive family atmosphere for its charges.

The Carroll School, Lincoln, MA

The Carroll School's approach to educating children with learning disabilities is exemplary. Not only does the school remediate learning disabilities but it engages in research and training to advance the cause.

Forman School, Litchfield, CT

It is about as fine a school as you could hope to find for students who have learning differences. The setting just north of the Litchfield village green is quite picturesque. While Forman's tariff is one of the highest in the business, the old saying "You get what you pay for" applies.

The Gow School, South Wales, New York

Located in western New York state near Buffalo, The Gow School is a boys' boarding school. It offers grades 7 to 12 to young men who have dyslexia, dyscalculia, and other learning disorders. That The Gow School is a fine college preparatory institution is evidenced by the fact that all its graduates go on to college.

The Greenwood School, Putney, VT

What is exciting and unusual about The Greenwood School is the age range it serves: boys in middle school. Remediating learning disabilities at this early age sets a child on the path to future success in all areas of his life.

Linden Hill School, Northfield, MA

The nation's oldest junior boarding school for boys with language-based learning differences including dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and executive functioning issues.

Triad Academy, Winston Salem, NC

A low student to faculty ratio of 3:1 ensures the utmost opportunity for success at this North Carolina school. The program uses the Orton-Gillingham method for language remediation.

The Vanguard School, Lake Wales, FL

Small classes - 5-8 students - and an international student body combined with a gorgeous Florida location make The Vanguard School an institution to consider carefully. There is a junior and an upper school program as well as a post-graduate year option.

The Woodhall School, Bethlehem, CT

Nestled in the bucolic town of Bethlehem, Connecticut is a tiny - 40+ students - school for boys who have had difficulty achieving success in so-called 'traditional' schools. One on one instruction and a closely supervised approach to molding a young man's life so that he can be successful costs plenty. The Woodhall School charges $50,000 a year for boarding students. But your child's future is at stake. It's a small price to pay for such a unique program.